A Gentlewoman's Chronicles: Galvanic Century book cover

A Gentlewoman's Chronicles: Galvanic Century Audiobook

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Version: Unabridged
Program Type: Audiobook
Language: English

Narrated by Dawn Hyde

Length: 4 hrs and 39 mins
Release date: 05-21-13

Publisher's Summary:

Chronicles of a Gentlewoman is an action-packed thriller series following Aldora Fiske's adventures in an alternate history Victorian steampunk world. This collection of three novelletes takes her all the way from London, to the jungles of Mexico, to the Ottoman Empire.

This collection includes:


London has been besieged by strange powerful airships targeting the city's shipping. The poor starve and the rich must ration their luxuries, while the blockaders have made no demands. Parliament and the Home Office have done nothing to rectify the situation, and though it's hardly proper, sometimes a gentlewoman must act while the men debate.


A motion-picture crew has gone missing in the mysterious jungles of Southern Mexico while filming ancient Mayan ruins. Desperate to learn the fate of an old friend, gentlewoman Aldora Fiske sponsors an expedition into the heart of the rain forest. Little does she realize that the filmmakers were not the only ones interested in the clockwork secrets that Charles Babbage left behind.


Her loveless wedding of convenience approaching, gentlewoman Aldora Fiske is among the influential Europeans to accept a handsome nobleman's invitation to show off the Ottoman Empire and its secularist reforms. After she alone escapes the devious plot to kidnap the foreign guests, she's confronted with an Empire where women are given all the rights of men, and a man who treats her like an equal.

Who Is Aldora Fiske?

Aldora Fiske is nothing if not proper, but the further she gets from London's social season the more daring she gets. Ever the gentlewoman, she takes pride in her ability to set things right.

©2012-2013 Michael Coorlim (P)2013 Michael Coorlim

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